Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finished Reading!


Tantalize By: Cynthia Leitich Smith. At first I was confused while reading this book but as I kept reading it I understood it more. This was a really good read. Got to love a good Vampire/Werewolf story. This story had lots of action to it & twist & turns in it. Just shows some times you can't trust those who you thought you could even a family member or one who you start to have feelings for.

Quincie, a young vampire who has become very mature for her age since her parents death. She has fallen in love with Kieren who is a werewolf to only find out from his mother that he has to leave soon for his wolf pack.

Quincie works at the family restaurant with her Uncle D who are now looking for a new chef since the one who was working with them has been killed. A new chef has been hired name Bradley.

Bradley & Quincie is doing a lot of work together at the family restaurant since her Uncle D is spending more time with his girlfriend. Quincie starts to have feelings for Bradley since he is the one who has been there for her and is making her feel good and special. Since she knows her boyfriend Kieren has to leave and she will be left alone with out him.

 Is Bradley to be trusted? Does Quincie fall in love with Bradley & let Kieren go? To find out more you must get this book. It was an excellent read.

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