Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finished Reading!

About the Book:
Captain Patti O’Shay is a straight-arrow, by-the-book cop who is assigned to the case. Her tough, unflinching character is fractured when her husband and fellow police captain is found murdered - surprised by looters taking advantage of the post-storm chaos.

Patti, still grieving and disillusioned, gets a call from homicide: skeletal remains have been unearthed in City Park. The unknown victim - a female - is missing her right hand. But for Patti, this grave holds something even more shocking. Found beside the victim’s bones is her husband’s police badge.

Casting aside the very “rule book” by which she has lived her life, Patti is fearless - but so is the killer. As he stalks her she is forced to question all she believes in, to doubt the code she has lived by…because she knows that if she doesn’t find The Handyman first, she will become his last known victim.

My Thoughts: This was the first book I've read by Erica Spindler and now I am hooked. At first I was confused reading this book with so many characters who were all family with lots of twist. I am very happy I have read this book. I couldn't put this book down till I finished reading it and find out who the killer in this book was.

Patti is a very strong character who wouldn't stop at nothing until she find out who the real killer was of her husband. The killer who is also known as The Handyman killer even does some twisted things when he kill more others by chopping off one of there fingers.

Does Patti ever find out who had killed her husband are will she be the next victim to The Handyman Killer? To find out go and buy this book trust me you won't be disappointed. 

I look forward to reading more books by Erica Spindler.

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